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Address: No. 112 Tai'an street, drum stone
Sales company: 86-0538-8628608/8628618/8628658
Fax: 86-0538-6936177/8628678
Import and Export Corporation: 86-0538-8628655/8628677
Fax: 86-0538-8628677
E-mail:[email protected]
Hou Feng focuses on the products of automobile heat exchange system for 50 years. Professional R & D and production of automobile engine cooling module, air conditioning module and other heat exchange system products. At present, Houfeng has provided by the multi class, multi series products to the customer as the center for customers, provide the overall solution of automobile heat exchange system...
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Address:Tai'an high and new technology development zone (East region) of Shandong   Copyright: Shandong thick & Fung Group    Technical support: nuodun network

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